towards mastery

Coach Training Program



What past attendees have said:






The Towards Mastery program has enabled me to envision a new and exciting future for my career and given me the confidence and framework to make this a reality. I also established a supportive network of like minded OTs, with whom I can share the coaching journey.   Lucas Milne.

Towards Mastery OT coaching has allowed me to create my own awareness, enabling action with accountability to make my own positive changes.  Than you Jeanette, Barbara & Belinda for providing the opportunity to link with like-minded OT’s and cement current skills with new learning from this fantastic coaching course.    Raylee Whiting.



"The Towards Mastery OT Coach Training Program was outstanding! Belinda and Barbara offered a positive, supportive, interactive and fun environment in which to learn about the principles and skills of coaching. The 5-day course offered a good balance of theory, discussion, demonstration, practice and experience of the coaching process. The ICF Core Coaching Competencies were embedded throughout the program and practical advice on the credentialing process was provided. All OT’s would benefit from including a coach approach in their skill set. This course exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to other OT’s." Nicole Rakic

"Thoroughly recommend! This coaching course creates new career directions and enhances OT practice." Sue Gregory

"The best part of the program for me included: The energy and passion provided by all instructors; Installing from the first hour a possible business model and application; The amazing women I got to meet and work with; The beach view; Opportunities for coaching practice and feedback; Adaption of the program to OT; Constant all day every day embedding of the core competencies; The anecdotes and personal experiences were great." Cathy Love

"A program developed specifically for Occupational Therapists meant we could build on what we already understood and the focus could be on new learnings. This was a very valuable course where I came away with skills I could use on my first day back in the working world. I will use a “coach approach" with many of my current clients (workplace rehabilitation). Thank you." Carol Crocker, Past President OT Australia