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Towards Mastery Brisbane 23 July 2012 feedback

After attending the Towards Mastery programme I am clearer on how the ICF Core Competencies are being assessed at each credentialing level. I particularly enjoyed the experiential approach, being given solid feedback from an ICF Assessor around my coaching abilities and specifically how they would be assessed in an exam situation. I now have a better understanding about what's practically required for the credentialing process itself and some useful tips on how to prepare for the exam. Tammy Turner (Brisbane July 2012)

I would thoroughly recommend the Towards Mastery workshop for anyone close to going for a credential with the ICF. The workshop provided for me highly valuable and constructive feedback on where I am with my coaching around the core competencies and gave me insights into what I need to do to take my coaching to the next level. It was an energetic and fun day. The day was all about learning, connecting with others, experiencing others coach and enjoying. Belinda and Barbara are first class facilitators and their knowledge and experience is what made the day so valuable. Gordon Sanderson (Brisbane July 2012)

Pace, timing, content, and "deliverables" all excellent. Thankyou!

Thank you for providing authentic space for us to check where we are as coaches. If you have been coaching for sometime and you are considering becoming credentialed, I would recommend you do this with Belinda and Barbara. Marty Doyle (Brisbane July 2012)

A very worthwhile day. Coaching in front of others and getting feedback is one of the most terrifying and valuable experiences in my coach training. Belinda and Barbara created an incredibly safe and supportive environment and I believe we all got much more out of the day than we had imagined.

Very well organised and focused course. Belinda and Barbara know their topic and have a wonderful passion for it. The feedback was relevant and delivered in a supportive manner. Bringing us back to the competencies was awesome. You ladies rock. Andrea Corcoran (Brisbane July 2012)

Towards Mastery Sydney 27 May 2011 feedback

The Towards Mastery Program has given me the confidence to apply for my first coaching credential. I gained not only an understanding of the Core Competencies and their application to the coaching process, but also a clearer understanding of my own coaching and the areas I need to focus upon to improve my coaching practice. Belinda and Barbara created a warm and safe environment that helped to make the day a very positive learning experience. I highly recommend this program to all coaches wanting to build their coaching skills and strive for mastery. Carol Appleby (Sydney May 2011)

Attending the Towards Mastery workshop with Barbara and Belinda helped me regain my confidence and build my skills as a coach. This was THE BEST coach training experience I've had in years. Sue McAviney (Sydney May 2011)

Barbara and Belinda were very engaging and insightful with their feedback around the individuals current adherence to the ICF Core Competency framework. Extremely beneficial day of learning. J Karen Barker (Sydney May 2011)

Feedback from our first Towards Mastery in Canberra March 2011

Thoroughly practical insightful and supportive day. The best PD value I have had on my credentialing journey. Barbara and Belinda "de-coded" and de-mystified the opaque aspects of the ICF Core Competencies. Matilda Emberson ACC (Canberra March 2011)

A very positive day of learning. It has helped embed the core competency requirements and provided a clearer understanding of the different ACC/PCC/MCC expectations. Time allocation was right. Format kept the day moving and kept up energy levels. Thank you both. Jeremy C. (Canberra March 2011)

I understand the true difference between ACC – PCC – MCC and feel liberated by this knowledge. The course was punchy, appropriate and fun. It exceeded expectations and revitalized my commitment to coaching as a profession. Everything worked very well today … where to from here? Elaine (Canberra March 2011)

My objective was to get clearer about what I needed to do to obtain my ACC and to have the confidence to do it. This course exceeded my expectations. Belinda and Barbara created a safe and supportive learning environment that was also challenging and rewarding. They role modeled the ICF core Competencies at all time which enriched the learning experience. They made the competencies uncomplicated. Lesley Richards (Canberra March 2011)

Barbara and Belinda created a positive, inspirational; and extremely safe space to be, reflect on and grow as a coach no matter where we were in our coaching journey. Belinda and Barbara clearly integrated and modeled the ICF competencies throughout the day. This bought the competencies to life in a way I could never have imagined. Witnessing other coaching was an honour, and hearing others journeys as coaches was inspiring and reinforced my commitment to my decision to coach. Denise. Thank you both! (Canberra March 2011)

Towards Mastery is a value for money workshop. The major benefits to me were the practical exercises, expert feedback and 'uncomplicating'; the core coaching competencies. Thank you Barbara and Belinda. Much, much appreciated. Julie S. (Canberra March 2011)

I am delighted to say, after working with you, I not only got the paperwork together, but sent in my application & am now proud to not only have achieved my PCC, but also to have gone on to do a whole lot more learning as well. Thank you for the part you played in this! Diane Hewat PCC (Adelaide, South Australia)